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We are a technology platform aggregating data to provide ​dynamic dashboards, 360’ insights, and management tools to ​help companies set goals, align incentives and deliver on ​commitments.

Our mission

Our mission is to drive ​transparency and align ​incentives.

Our vision

As individuals with years of experience across ​investment, impact management, and standard-​setting bodies, we experienced firsthand that ​reporting and disclosure efforts rarely resulted in ​improved outcomes. So, we embarked on a journey ​to build the kind of technology that we would want ​to use ourselves.

Our business intelligence solution drives insights, ​prioritizes action, and seamlessly connects your ​stakeholders with confidence. By streamlining the ​data collection process, verifying inputs, and driving ​transparency across value chains, we empower you to ​make better-informed decisions.

"We solve for both the art and the science of ESG and Impact Management, although you’ll rarely hear us talk about it that way. Enlightened leaders, investors, and politicians don’t differentiate profit and purpose – they are two sides of the same coin.

Business as usual has fundamentally changed – let us help you on your journey."

Jennifer SnapeFounder